Monday, December 10, 2012

My Purpose

My Purpose

My purpose

As Kade Moural says my purpose in life is to make millions of dollars and achieve world peace, you better get working on that. Well I think that might be a little extreme I don’t know if I could ever do that but, maybe I could strive for that. Sometimes it is hard to think about what are real purpose is in this world we think oh my purpose is just to be me nothing really special, why would I want to work hard to figure out what my purpose is when I am just a simple girl trying to make it through life not be extremely successful.

Well I would say my main purpose in life is to be a great daughter, granddaughter, sister, girlfriend, and friend. These are things that will be my purpose for the rest of my life, some will change over time and more will be added but I hope I can be great at all of these for the rest of my life. Well let’s get a little more detail on how these different titles are my purpose.


Well this has been my purpose in life since I was born and it will be something that will always be a purpose of mine. My parents have raised me to work hard, respect others, and work for what I want or believe in. I think my parents have given me a lot of direction in my purpose they have always instilled in me that I can do anything I want yes there will be hurtles to jump but you have to keep your head up. My purpose as a daughter is to make my parents proud of the young lady they have raised, my parents have never been hard on me about school work or anything like that but I push myself very hard which makes them very proud of me.


As the only granddaughter on both sides of my family I have always been special to my grandparents. I only have my grandmothers living now, but I have different relationships with each of them. My grandpa was very special to me he was my idol I always dreamed of marrying someone like him he was quiet but when he spoke you better listen. I feel like now that he is gone it is my job to make sure I grow up and do everything he would want me to do, cause I could not imagine letting him down. So I think that being a granddaughter to one of the greatest men ever is really important even if he is not physically here to see all my accomplishments in life I know he is always watching out for me. Love you Papa


I think this is one of my bigger jobs or maybe just one I take more pride in. Being a big sister is a hard job to start with, but not having to start being one tell I was ten was even harder. I would not change it for the world but I think the ten year age gap has caused its issues in our family. From the attitude problems to the growing up faster than I think he should my brother has tested me and my patients over the last eight years, but I am sure this is just the beginning of him trying big sis’s patients and temper. I always joke I will be the one Kolton calls when he ends up in jail for the first time, then I try to decide what in the world I would do if I ever get that phone call. Which I hope never comes. Would I tell call mom and dad, tell him I would be there in the morning to get him, or would I tell him I was on my way. Probably the last one even though I try to be strict with him he is still my little brother and I don’t like to see him hurt or in trouble. So my purpose here is to try and make sure I NEVER get that phone call.


Well this one is kinda a new one, but it is one that makes me very happy which I think all my purposes should make me happy. It is hard because we are four hours apart but we both want it to work so we try really hard at it. Robert McCall I have known him since I was little. He is three years older than me. We started dating July 9th of 2012; he lives where my home is, so soon we will not have to work as hard on our relationship cause we will be in the same state and same time zone. My purpose right now is being the best girlfriend I can which to me means being there for him as much as I possibly can.


My purpose in being a friend is to be there for those who have been there for me; this job is sometimes challenging when there are so many other purposes that I have to fulfill. But I have to remember that my friends have been there for a lot and are always there for me to talk to.


My future purpose is to graduate high school. Attend Northeastern Junior College and obtain a degree in accounting and business administration, then get a job at a bank. I hope these are a lot of my future purposes

All these titles are all my different purposes in life they all require different attention. I will have other purposes in life but some of these purposes will stay with me forever.


Thursday, November 29, 2012


My house

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Where in this World am I?

Where in this World am I? 

Where in the heck am I that is a great question. Wish it was an easy answer. This is the third time I have started this blog post. Well let’s see if I can get figured out where I am. I asked my mom for help figuring out where I was and she replied with a sarcastic answer “You don’t know where you are? LOL” my thoughts on that was thanks for the help mom. Well at this moment I am sitting in Mr. Thompson’s room listening to all the seventh graders talking in the background and thinking how they are all going to love this assignment when they are seniors. I don’t have any idea where I am at. But let’s try to get to the point where am I really at right now in my life. I am from a loving family, a great church, great friends and a bright future.
Well I guess maybe I should start from the beginning I was born in Northeast Colorado so really that is where I am from I spent the first ten years of my life there. That is where all my family is so that is always been home to me. When I was ten we moved to Phillip, Nebraska I then started to attend Aurora Public School.  I grew up in small towns; I don’t think I would even know how to live in a big city. I have spent most of my life surrounded by corn fields and dirt roads.
Life in Nebraska, well I have been here eight years, Nebraska has became my second home, I have a large adopted family here, Nebraska has shaped me a lot it is strange to think how different my life would be if I had never moved to Nebraska. If it were not for me moving to Nebraska I would have never have meet my best friend, friends, class mates, and teachers and other adults in my life that have made an impact on the person I am today. I would have never spent my summer breaks walking threw a corn field. My parents have always made Nebraska feel like a home.  But whenever my mom or dad says we are going home for the weekend that does not mean our house here in Nebraska they mean my grandma’s house back in Colorado.
In less than six months I will be walking across the stage in the Aurora, graduating from Aurora High School, this walk is going to be one of the most important ones I take in my life. Because when I walk across that stage I will be walking away from the school, friends, hallways, classrooms, and teachers that have been where I have spent the last four years. With graduation I will not only be walking away from my friends and school, but I will be leaving my parents house and moving away from what has been home to me for the last eight years. But I will be starting a new chapter in my life the one that actually means something not just the high school years of drama.
 After graduation I will be moving back to my home, Northeast Colorado where I will be attending Northeastern Junior College, NJC will be where I am at for the next two years of my life. Although I know many people in Colorado and I will extended family there, and I will also have a great support system close to me. It is going to be hard to be living away from my mom, dad, and brother.
Colorado is definitely my home when I am there I feel so comfortable and at peace. I guess that could be why I have chosen to move back there after graduation in May. Colorado is definitely my future home it is where I feel like I am even if I am living in Nebraska now, and that Nebraska has made a large impact on me. Colorado will always be my home so it is where I feel like I am in this world. Don’t get me wrong I would not change the past eight years for anything but it is time for me to finally go back to where my heart is in this world. Don’t get me wrong I will miss people from Nebraska really bad once I move back to Colorado but I will be back a lot to see my parents and all the friends and adopted family that will be left here.
Well I hope I answered the question I hope so at least.